Naming convention

Voice of the employee (VoE) is a term similar to Voice of the Customer, and it is used to describe the in-depth process of analyzing the feedback provided by employees for different aspects of the work life with the objective of improving engagement and productivity.

The following model focuses on the performance review of the employee. Performance reviews are usually composed by both structured and unstructured data where the general capabilities of the employee are described. Using this model you will be able to characterize the capabilities described in these reviews in an organized way. The relevance given for the categories in this model is computed with respect to the top ranked result.

Category codeCategory name
Adaptability Adaptability
Autonomy Autonomy
CollaborationCooperation Collaboration and cooperation
Commitment Commitment
Communication Communication
Communication>CustomerRelations Customer relations
Efficiency Efficiency
ExpertiseSkills Expertise and skills
ExpertiseSkills>LearningCapacity Learning capacity
ExpertiseSkills>TrainingNeeds Training needs
Innovation Innovation
Leadership Leadership
Motivation Motivation
Personality Personality
Personality>WorkEnvironment Work environment
Reliability Reliability
StressManagement Stress management