This model implements the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) taxonomy, a standard for the advertisement industry which aims to make content classification consistent across the industry. This taxonomy defines 370 contextual content categories in its first two tiers.

The relevance given for the categories in this model is computed with respect to the top ranked result.

Category codeCategory name
Automotive Automotive
BooksAndLiterature Books and Literature
BusinessAndFinance Business and Finance
Careers Careers
Education Education
EventsAndAttractions Events and Attractions
FamilyAndRelationships Family and Relationships
FineArt Fine Art
Food&Drink Food and Drink
HealthyLiving Healthy Living
Hobbies&Interests Hobbies and Interests
Home&Garden Home and Garden
MedicalHealth Medical Health
Movies Movies
MusicAndAudio Music and Audio
NewsAndPolitics News and Politics
PersonalFinance Personal Finance
Pets Pets
PopCulture Pop Culture
RealEstate Real Estate
Religion&Spirituality Religion and Spirituality
Science Science
Shopping Shopping
Sports Sports
Style&Fashion Style and Fashion
Technology&Computing Technology and Computing
Television Television
Travel Travel
VideoGaming Video Gaming