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Sample response:

    "status": {
        "code": "0",
        "msg": "OK",
        "credits": "8"
    "title": "Margaret Hamilton (scientist) - Wikipedia",
    "abstract_list": [],
    "heading_list": [
        "Margaret Hamilton (scientist)",
        "Early life[edit]",
        "SAGE Project[edit]",
        "Personal life[edit]",
        "See also[edit]",
        "External links[edit]",
        "Navigation menu",
        "Apollo 11[edit]",
        "Personal tools",
        "In other projects",
    "emails_info": {
        "from": "",
        "to": [],
        "cc": [],
        "subject": ""

Response fields:

statusDescribes the request outcome in terms of success or failure.
status.codeNumerical value of result code. Refer to the error code catalog.
status.msgHuman-readable error code, if any, orOK.
status.creditsCredits consumed by the request.
status.remaining_creditsCredits left to reach the usage limit.
titleTitle extracted from the document. The order of precedence for title selection is the following: <title>, if it doesn't exist, and the first element of the document is a heading, then the heading is considered the title. If no title or heading exists, it tries to determine if the first paragraph of the document has a title format (length, relative length and capitalization).
heading_listTakes into account all the heading tags found in the text, as well as paragraphs that follow what can be considered a title format (length, relative length and capitalization).
abstract_listIt will include the pieces of text than include abstract markers such asabstract, introduction, overview or summary.
emails_infoThis element will contain different sections of an email
emails_info.fromString with the sender
emails_info.toArray of strings with all the contacts the email is sent to.
emails_info.ccArray of strings with all the contacts in copy in the email.
emails_info.subjectString with the subject of the email.