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keyAuthorization key for using MeaningCloud services. Create an account for free to create your key.Required
txtText to analyzeUTF-8 encoded plain text.Required
langLanguage of the text to analyze.See supported languages.Required. Use auto to perform language detection.
modelClassification model to use. It will define into which categories the text may be classified.Corporate reputation model to use. More information hereOptional. Default: CorporateReputation
focusFocus on an specific organization
This feature redirects the analysis toward a specific organization. This is to say that if other related companies are not found in the fragment, the system will assume the text is referring to the focus organization by default. This extra contextual information can be very useful in many cases, such as: Twitter analysis, with texts taken from the company channel, internal references or newspaper articles focused on an organization of interest.
filterFilter results by company type
This feature allows you to filter results by semantity type, in accordance with the internal MeaningCloud ontologies, to avoid increased noise. For example, it may be useful to focus your analysis on your company and likely competition. You can take a look at the organization entity type defined in our ontology here.
rtDeal with relaxed typography.
This parameter indicates how reliable the text to analyze is (as far as spelling, typography, etc. are concerned), and influences how strict the engine will be when it comes to take these factors into account in the analysis.
y: enabled for all resources
n: disabled
Optional. Default: rt=n