What is Topics Extraction?

Topics Extraction is MeaningCloud's solution for extracting the different elements present in sources of information. This detection process is carried out by combining a number of complex natural language processing techniques that allow to obtain morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses of a text and use them to identify different types of significant elements.

The elements identified are classified according to the following predefined categories:

  • Entities: people, organizations, places, URIs, phone numbers, etc.
  • Concepts: significant keywords in the text
  • Time expressions
  • Money expressions
  • Quantity expressions [beta]
  • Other expressions: alphanumeric patterns
  • Quotations
  • Relations

The high configurability provided by the API allows to adjust its behavior to very diverse operating scenarios, not only to obtain exactly the type of information relevant to the user, but also to cover different source formats, languages and even language registers.

The current supported languages are Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan and with partial coverage Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Did you know...?

You can use your own resources in the topics detection process by creating a dictionary through our customization engine.